Instructions: Glue-in Hair Extensions

How to attach glue in hair extensions

What you need:

EI hair extensions hair to suit your colour and length

Bonding Glue

Tail comb

Section clip / Bobble


Removal Gel


Hair preparation

Wash and style hair as normal


Following the contour of your head use your index finger to part your hair starting from the bottom section Clip away the top section of hair so you are left with a clean line for adding the first extension

Cutting extensions

Cut a length of hair weft that reaches almost all of the width of the parted hair but leave it a little short on each end so that your natural hair will hide the edges

Attaching the extension

Take your cut section and lie on a flat surface. Ensure surfaces are covered Run a thin bead of bonding glue along the edge of the weft and wait a few moments for the glue to become tacky Press the weft onto the hair near the scalp along the part line. The weft should not be touching the scalp.
Run a cool hairdryer over the glued section for a few seconds to heat seal the glue. Keep moving the dryer to avoid burning any hair or glue. This step is optional, the glue will bond without any heat but it will make the bond stronger quicker

Finishing Up

Release the top section of hair and part another section for the next extension to be attached Check no hair feels tight or pinched from the added extensions – this could cause breakage Repeat step 3 until all desired extensions are added Top Tip – We recommend preparing all the widths of hair (step 2) before bonding any sections into your hair


Release the final section of hair ensuring there is enough hair to cover the tracks of the extensions. Finish style with product as desired. Top tip – if hair does need restyling once the extensions have been added be sure to hold on to them at the bond while brushing the hair to prevent any slippage

Removing glued hair extensions

Using Hair Essence Hair Bonding Glue Remover, squirt the glue remover along the hair tracks. Let the products sit on the hair for about 20 minutes.

If the hair extensions are still difficult to remove, let sit for another 10 minutes. Hair extensions should just slide off when softened.

Excess glue often remains after hair extensions are removed. Using your fingers, gently remove leftover glue. You can add a little olive oil to your hands to assist in the removal process.

Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. This will remove any residual hair glue and oil.